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I am a lover of mathematics, statistics, and games! Monopoly is the perfect storm of all of these, so I naturally I love Monopoly. :)

Do You Know the REAL Rules of Monopoly?

I thought that I would make today’s post a little more interactive than usual, so I encourage all of you to make your comments below.  They may not show up right away, but I will do my best to approve … Continue reading

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It’s NOT Just a Game of Luck!

It's NOT Just a Game of Luck!

This photo highlights the importance of board position when making a critical trade. Using my recently-completed Monopoly simulator, I’ve been able to precisely quantify the jump in win% when owning the light blues (versus oranges) and building when your opponent is on Mediterranean (the WORST place for him/her to roll from) versus Connecticut (the BEST place).

The numbers along the bottom represent how much cash each player has before building, and the assumption is that both players build as aggressively as possible at the end of each of their turns…until one of them goes bankrupt.

All other property is mortgaged, to eliminate unwanted noise or variance.

My favorite is when starting with $1000 each. As the person ending up with the light blues, your probability of winning jumps from a miserable 32.51% to a favorable 57.7% just by timing it when your opponent is in solid striking distance!

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The Railroad Shuffle

**Note: This post assumes that the reader has a decent amount of Monopoly experience and fully understands the ideas behind mortgaging and unmortgaging. For those of us who have been there before, it’s one of the trickiest late-game decisions to … Continue reading

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The Importance of Going First in Monopoly

My God, has it really been over two years since my last post?!! The past two years flew by faster than a top hot getting back-to-back “Advance to Go” cards. For anyone reading this post, thanks for stopping by. While … Continue reading

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7-Roll Monopoly Game! Truly the shortest possible!!

Well, I’ve come up with what I believe can be logically proven (SEE THE LINK TO MY PROOF ABOVE) as the theoretically shortest possible (in terms of total number of rolls) game of Monopoly (assuming no trading, quitting, or cheating … Continue reading

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Virginia for the Win

Well after a little more thought, I came up with another 8-roll, 2-move solution to the fastest theoretical Monopoly game: Player 1, Move 1:  Rolls 1,1 -> Bank Error in Your Favor +200 (1700) Rolls 6,6 -> Buy Virginia (1540) … Continue reading

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Fastest Theoretical Game!

Welcome to the Monopoly Nerd’s Blog! This blog has been inspired by another blog post I came across claiming to have found the fastest theoretical game of Monopoly (assuming that the dice fall just right and that there are no crazy auctions … Continue reading

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