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I am a lover of mathematics, statistics, and games! Monopoly is the perfect storm of all of these, so I naturally I love Monopoly. :)

Let’s Work Together! :)

So after months and months of putting off development work on my Monopoly Simulator (what can I say…board games just don’t pay the bills), I finally have some extra time on my hands to make significant changes! In fact, I have already … Continue reading

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Trading: Assessing Your Position

Some board games — like chess or checkers — have an easily defined game state despite their complex nature.  If you need to save the game for another time, you simply remember or write down whose turn it is as … Continue reading

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Trading: Applying Game Theory to Monopoly

“Well well well…that’s the last property available for purchase, and I do believe that I will be purchasing it!” My brother looks over at me with a menacing smile, knowing all too well that I was dying to get my … Continue reading

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Don’t Touch That Token!!

Most Monopoly players identify with a particular token more than the others: the car, the dog, the ship…the cat (seriously, wtf?! lol). But whatever your favorite piece may be, this post is geared toward helping you move it WITHOUT having … Continue reading

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Monopoly Quiz of the Week

Here’s the scenario:   You are playing against two opponents and have all properties split up among the three of you, but none of you have a complete color group / monopoly and must therefore trade.  You each have about … Continue reading

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Monopoly Simulator Updated!

** Update – As of 11/3/12, the simulator will now validate all entered position information, in an effort to avoid invalid or corrupted sample games / win percentages. Well, it’s taken a bit longer to post an update than I … Continue reading

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Monopoly Simulator Online!

After several weeks of Java, Javascript, and PHP coding, I am proud to present the beta release of the Monopoly Nerd’s online simulator! Here is a brief video tutorial on how to use the tool. Keep in mind that it … Continue reading

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