Virginia for the Win

Well after a little more thought, I came up with another 8-roll, 2-move solution to the fastest theoretical Monopoly game:

Player 1, Move 1: 

Rolls 1,1 -> Bank Error in Your Favor +200 (1700)
Rolls 6,6 -> Buy Virginia (1540)
Rolls 5,3 -> Advance to St. Charles / Purchase (1600)

Player 2, Move 1: 

Rolls 4,3 -> Get Out of Jail Free Card

Player 1, Move 2: 

Rolls 1,1 -> Buy States (1460)
 Rolls 4,3 -> Free Parking
 Builds hotels on St. Charles and Viginia and 4 houses on States (60)

Player 2, Move 2: 

Rolls 2,2 -> -750 (750)
Rolls 2,1 -> -900  (GAME OVER)

About krusta80

I am a lover of mathematics, statistics, and games! Monopoly is the perfect storm of all of these, so I naturally I love Monopoly. :)
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